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If you are looking for a professional property manager to put "Fun and Profit" into owing investment property, residential or commercial, your search is over.  What we do for you:

1.  Find and Qualify Tenants:
  We conduct extensive credit bureau, public records and reference checks to insure only the best qualified tenants are placed in your property.

2.  Property Maintenance:
  We use only licensed and insured professional craftsmen to insure repairs and maintenance are completed in a timely manner and meet current codes.

3.  Proactive Management:
  We conduct periodic property inspections to insure prompt attention to potential problem areas.

4.  Property Enhancement:
  Using inspections and tenant feedback, we suggest ways to enhance property values in a timely and cost effective manner.

5.  Tenant Relations:
  Tenants have 24/7 emergency access to a Jernigan Properties representative.  In addition, tenant concerns and suggestions of a non-emergency nature are reviewed not later than the next business day after receipt to insure a prompt response.

6.  Financial Reporting and Monthly Updates:
  We use "Tenant Pro" Property Management Software, one of the most widely utilized and powerful systems in the property management field.  This system provides detailed financial and property reports on a monthly basis.

7.  Management Stability:
  Property Management is not a sideline at Jernigan Properties.  Property owners and tenants deal with the same property manager year after year.  Not only does this provide stability to the owners and tenants, but is also allows the manager to become knowledgeable of the property.  This knowledge allows the manager to make recommendations concerning the property in a timely and informed manner.

For more information on our Property Management services please contact us through our contact form on this site.
Jernigan Properties
Jernigan Properties
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